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Course 1

Social Psychology

Our two Psychology courses take quite different approaches to important questions about how people think individually and together.

Our first course is based on a popular Oxford undergraduate option of Social Psychology and over the course of the programme, students will explore five key areas of this fascinating area to understand how and why groups of people think and act together, including intergroup conflict, and how it can be reduced, the sources of traditional and cyber bullying, the nature and malfunctions of obedience, how economic decisions are socially influenced, and when and how people behave prosocially

Course 2

The Psychology of Language

Our second course is rooted in linguistics. It considers such important questions as what it means to ‘know’ a language, the advantages and problems of the two major models of language and language acquisition, and what the latest experimental evidence shows about these much-debated scholarly viewpoints. 

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Subject Tutors

Dr Nicola Swinburne

Dr. Swinburne gained her DPhil in Linguistics at Oxford in 2021 looking at the process of grammaticalization (the creation of new grammar) in a northern Italian dialect. She tutors students from various Oxford colleges in General Linguistics and visiting students in Sociolinguistics. Her focuses are in Syntax, Semantics, and Sociolinguistics.

Dr Danielle Shore,

Queen’s College, Oxford

Danielle Shore completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Bangor University, where she remained to do her Masters in Psychological Research and PhD in Social Neuroscience. Danielle started in Oxford as a postdoctural researcher in 2014 and was appointed Departmental Lecturer in Experimental Psychology and College Lecturer in Statistics at Queen’s College in October 2017.

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