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World-Class Tutors

The Lincoln College Summer Academy Programme enables students to explore concepts and share their ideas in small groups of like-minded individuals. They will be guided by leading academic staff from the University of Oxford who are all experts in their chosen field.

Our professors and tutors are passionate about engaging and supporting their students – and most of all, they are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise to ensure that the Lincoln College Summer Academy is of the highest quality.

Thought-Provoking & Carefully Designed Curricula

Each of our 9 subject courses have been carefully designed by the Lincoln College tutors and are aimed at a university-level for students to stretch themselves and delve into challenging content in a subject they are passionate about.

Students will be encouraged to develop their thinking and immerse themselves into completely new and thought-provoking content.  The Lincoln College Summer Academy Programme syllabuses, alongside our world-class tutors are what make us stand out from others.

Specialised small-group teaching

Oxford University is renowned for its specialised small-group teaching, and our courses will be delivered in groups no larger than eight in the beautiful tutorial rooms at Lincoln College.  Our small class sizes allow for students to interact, collaborate, and ask questions.  They also allow the tutors to get to know their students and their individual abilities and adapt the teaching to the group.  Students will explore theory within practical contexts and discuss the ideas behind the theory.  Several of the tutors run their classes from local museums where the topic can really be brought to life.

Tutorials and Personalised Feedback

In addition to small-group teaching, every student will enjoy the advantage of personalised one-to-one tutorials with their subject tutor.  The tutorial system is a widely esteemed approach to university education, allowing students to engage in meaningful conversations with their tutors, enhancing their skills in analysing and critiquing ideas. 

Our dedicated tutors are passionate in their commitment to fostering the academic growth of their students.  Consequently, they offer tailored feedback and reflective insights on their students’ work.  This feedback not only illuminates the students’ strengths but also identifies areas for further exploration, whilst recommending additional reading materials to fuel their academic curiosity.

Certificate of Attendance

The Certificate of Attendance awarded at the culmination of the Oxford Summer Academy Programme represents a significant achievement and is a testament to the dedication and work of its students. This prestigious certificate embodies not just the knowledge gained during the programme but also the personal growth, cultural enrichment, and academic excellence that define the Oxford experience. Alongside your certificate you will also be issued with a transcript, and you may find that these two documents allow you to gain credits for your current university.

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