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Course 1

What is wrong with our democracy (and how do we fix it)?

Our politics courses address two of the defining features of national and international politics in 2024, the challenge to national democracies, and the collapse of security and peace in Eastern Europe. Both situations are changing rapidly, and the chance to study them under expert guidance as they unfold is not to be missed!

In our first course, you consider an increasingly dangerous world. Inequality is rampant, democratic institutions are eroding, and disenchantment is widespread – the past decade has shown the weakness of Western democracy like never before, at a time of unprecedented challenges and rising international tension. 

You will look at the key problems facing democratic systems in the Twenty First Century: inequality, globalisation, technological change, ethnic and racial exclusion, political polarisation and democratic erosion. Was the recent decline of democracy inevitable? And now, faced with it, is there a way to fix it and safeguard democracy for the next generation?

Course 2

War in Ukraine and the past, present, and future of the post-Soviet space

In our second course, you consider the dramatic challenge to the global order posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this course, we first trace the evolution of the post-Soviet space by looking at political, social, and economic developments in its constituent parts since the collapse of Communism. You examine Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR, with a separate emphasis on Ukraine and Russia themselves. 

We then turn to the war itself – Was conflict unavoidable? On whose shoulders should the blame lie? Is there an endgame? Most importantly, what will it mean for the future of regional and global stability?

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Subject Tutors

Dr Mihnea Cuibus,

Nuffield and Regent’s Park College, Oxford

After a number of years in Oxford, Dr Cuibus currently works as a Lecturer in Politics at Regent’s Park College. Before joining Regent’s Park, Dr Cuibus held various teaching positions at Lady Margaret Hall, St. John’s College, and the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies.

As a student, Mihnea Cuibus read PPE at Merton College (BA, 2019) and pursued graduate studies in European Politics at Nuffield College (MPhil, 2021; DPhil, in progress). Dr Cuibus’ research focuses on the politics of young democracies in Central and Eastern Europe and explores the political impact of large-scale emigration from the region, looking into its effects on democratic consolidation, populist voting, and the development of welfare states.

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